Recycled bio fuels

VG EcoFuel collects recycled and waste-based oils generated as industrial by-products and processes them for further use. EcoFuel's raw materials are 100 % recycled and waste-based, and therefore the biofuel processed from them has a 60-97% lower greenhouse gas emission impact compared to fossil oils and fuels.

Circular economy

Climate change and our dependence on depleting foreign oil require new energy solutions. Reducing energy consumption is the first important measure, but we also need new forms of energy production. Sustainable renewable energy will meet a significant part of our future energy needs. Read more

Collecting used cooking oils

We collect used cooking oils from restaurants all over Finland, and further process them at our facility. We have made our recycling system as easy as possible for users and the service is completely free of charge! Read more

Order your container

Having a recycling container at the restaurant saves you time and effort.  When the container is full, we will pick it up and replace it with an empty one.Read more

Member of Meriaura Group

VG EcoFuel is a member of the family-owned Meriaura Group. The companies in the group focus on shipping and bio and circular economy. Meriaura Group’s vision is to be a leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented transport services.

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